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Water pipelines are the lifeblood of our communities. Kana Pipeline is an industry leader in water pipeline construction.

Water pipeline distribution systems consist of domestic water, fire water, and reclaimed water. Stringent codes and standards require water mains to be hydro-statically pressure tested, chlorinated, bacteria tested, flushed, and certified to prevent contamination and ensure public safety. In addition, these complex systems must be monitored and maintained.

At Kana Pipeline, we specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal water pipeline systems. We also specialize in water pipeline maintenance and repair.

Residential Projects: include main distribution lines, service lines, water meters, fire hydrants, and irrigation systems. Kana Pipeline provides complete underground pipeline installation and construction services proven to increase project completion and lower costs.

Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Projects: require high use, high pressure systems that follow strict standards. Kana Pipeline brings years of experience to each project and has installed water pipeline systems for car dealerships, shopping centers, storage facilities, schools, churches, hospitals, distribution centers, and more.

Municipal Projects: involve taking water directly from a water tower or reservoir and delivering it to homes or commercial businesses. At Kana Pipeline, we understand that this critical process requires high levels of monitoring, testing, and other maintenance.

Water Pipeline Maintenance and Repair: Kana Pipeline specializes in the replacement of fragile and aging pipelines that comply with modern standards. We can successfully install hard and soft copper lines, ductile iron pipe (DIP), concrete mortar-lined and coated (CML&C) pipe, and poly vinyl chloride (PVC) pipe for both existing and new developments.