Water Main Contractors

Water main contractors are knowledgeable in the installation and repair of domestic and reclaimed water pipeline mains and water services. Water pipes are typically installed below the ground surface. When pipelines break the pressurized water continues to flow and can rise to the surface and cause potholes and floods.

Water main contractors go through extensive training to comply with OSHA, HAZMAT and Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Nearly every state requires contractors to be licensed or working as an apprentice under a licensed contractor to conduct work on water mains and water pipeline.


According to the EPA, there are nearly 240,000 water main breaks annually within the U.S. Much of this stems from antiquated pipes that were installed over 100 years ago. A lot of aging water pipes are constructed from wood planks connected by metal coils.

Catastrophic damage can occur whenever municipal water lines rupture. In addition to wasting countless gallons of drinking water, roads and neighborhoods can experience flooding.

Entire roads have been washed away across the nation because of broken water mains. Some have resulted in mudslides in locales such as California, while subway lines have flooded tracks in Lower Manhattan.

These kinds of repairs cost taxpayers millions of dollars to fix because aging pipes have to be replaced or repaired. The process is even more costly when wooden pipes are involved because repairs involve a combination of plumbing, carpentry, and pipeline installation skills. Since many water main contractors don't have the expertise to repair wooden water pipes, a specialist has to be hired to complete the job.

Another problem facing the U.S. infrastructure of water pipes is leakage. Pipes can develop hairline cracks that eventually cause major underground water breaks. Small cracks can result in millions of gallons of lost water which in turn results in financial losses to taxpayers.

When water mains burst, residents may be forced to boil water to avoid contamination. In addition to the cost of repairs, there are also additional payroll expenses for water department employees to notify residents of the problem and avoid health risks associated with consuming contaminated water.

Water main contractors may also be experienced with the installation and repair of sewer pipeline, sewer manholes, catch basins, fire sprinklers, fireline, and fire hydrants. They also oversee projects involving disconnection of water main and sewer services which occur when properties are demolished.

Due to the need for a major overhaul of America's water pipeline system, this industry offers good employment opportunities. There are several positions that range from office work such as a project manager or construction manager, to working in the field as a laborer, pipe layer, heavy equipment operator, or project superintendent.

Field work can be physically demanding but also financially rewarding and ideal for people that enjoy outdoor work that requires physical stamina. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts positive growth in this area with an anticipated increase of 16 percent in utility construction jobs.

One sector of utility construction expected to experience rapid growth is green technologies. Many municipalities and private sectors are using environmentally-friendly alternatives when installing new or repairing old broken systems.

Others are adding unique, cost-cutting, green storm water drainage systems such as Caltech's Linde Robinson Laboratory project completed by Kana Pipeline in January 2012.

With close to 30 years experience, Kana is recognized as a leading water main contractor in Southern California. In addition to providing exceptional service and superior workmanship with water pipes, Kana also excels at other forms of wet utility work.

Our staff is available to answer questions or provide estimates for water main projects. Additionally, we have pipeline job openings for motivated individuals that would like to join our team. We look forward to working with you.