Sewer line and sanitary sewer system installation and maintenance are critical to public and environmental safety. Kana Pipeline has a knowledgeable team with broad experience in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal sewer installation. While we are not sewage system designers, we work closely with civil engineers to provide value engineering in both public and private sectors.

We specialize in installation of new sewer main lines, private sewer lateral lines and sewer manholes. We excel at main sewer line street work and associated traffic control which is necessary with sewer design and installation. We are capable of building manholes in-house; eliminating unnecessary, costly delays.

Sewer Pipeline Work Kana Pipeline caters to repair needs of existing sewer lines and provides sewer line replacement and repair services. Sewer pipes and cleanouts are installed and inspected, air or water tested, balled, flushed, and mandrelled as required. Sewer pipe lines and sewer pump /sewer lift stations are laid on required grades designed and installed in a safe and proficient manner.

Some residential sewer systems use septic systems to remove waste, while modern residential communities have complex systems of combined sewer lines that tie into municipal sewage systems.

Commercial sewer systems range from small office buildings to large shopping complexes or even theme parks. Each project requires a road map of sewer pipes, main sewer lines, and other forms of combined sewage systems to effectively carry waste to designated treatment plants.

Industrial sewer systems must be extremely precise and meet stringent requirements based on local municipal, California state, federal government, or EPA standards. At Kana Pipeline, we understand sewer systems and have the working knowledge and required expertise to work with extreme precision and adhere to stringent requirements.

Sewer Pipeline Connection Municipal and government sewer systems and projects are the most critical part of our environment. Kana Pipeline possesses years of experience in large-scale municipal roadway construction projects requiring complex installation and engineered shoring for deep sewer main line trenching and installation, manhole building, sewer pump / lift stations, cleanouts and the like.

We are proficient in deep trench installations and have installed sewers ranging from 2- to 30-inches in size and depths of 30-feet. Public safety, environmental safety, and preservation of natural resources all play a role in sewer system design.

Kana Pipeline is always concerned about our environment and is an industry leader in value engineering and installation. Our project management team will keep your project on schedule by eliminating delays due to costly errors in logistics and information gathering, and ensure strict compliance to local codes from start to finish.

Industry, local municipal and federal standards are always critical to follow and Kana Pipeline works diligently to maintain a high level of compliance with all city, county, state and federal agencies in adhering to building and construction codes and standards.