Sewer Main Contractors

Sewer main contractors take part in the installation and maintenance of municipal and private sewer systems. Since these systems can release environmental toxins if broken or damaged, contractors must be trained in EPA guidelines pertaining to waste management and pollutant removal systems.

It is vital to employ licensed sewer main contractors that carry sufficient insurance coverage and can obtain necessary permits. Improper installation of sewer pipeline can result in catastrophic events that are costly to fix.

Depending on the type of utility construction, contractors might need to make use of subsurface utility engineering to identify existing sewer pipeline. SUE is a very effective method for helping contractors determine precise location of previously installed pipes or utility systems and aids in minimizing workplace accidents caused by ruptured pipes.

SUE uses a mix of non-invasive methods that provide a 3D imaging map of where things are positioned below the surface. It has been instrumental in helping sewer contractors working to replace antiquated systems and repair sewer and water mains.

Heavily populated areas require far-reaching sewer pipe systems to convey wastewater and sewage to treatment facilities. Systems must be maintained to ensure everything is in good working order to avert public health risks.

Although sewer manholes are one of the most basic components of sewer systems, they are also one of the more important. In addition to providing maintenance workers access to underground pipes, manholes tend to release odorless sewer gasses that form inside the sewer pipeline system. Without this interior relief valve per se, gasses could accumulate and cause unknown dangers to the pipe systems and their respective maintenance crews who work inside these confined spaces.

Systems are comprised of trunk pipes, branch pipes, also called sewer laterals. Municipal systems are usually the larger pipeline systems, located in the middle of the street. Sewer laterals that extend off of these sewer mains, usually cross perpendicular to the sewer main, and into private properties, such as homes, office building high rises, churches or schools.

The majority of sewer systems rely on gravity for proper flow, usually installed at a grade of two percent fall. The percent of sewer gravity fall in the pipe depends on nature of project, which is ultimately determined by the civil engineer's calculations in conjunction city or other major code book specifications, such as the America Public Works Association's (APWA) Greenbook also known as the Standard Plans for Public Works Construction (SPPWC). These systems aren't practical in low lying areas such as coastlines and swamps because the land is at or below sea level.

Instead, sewer main contractors have to build lift stations to elevate the terrain. Increasing the elevation provides a semi-quasi gravity powered system. In situations where elevation is not sufficient, systems are designed to convey wastewater to the next closest treatment facility.

Wastewater and raw sewage undergoes extensive filtration and treatment procedures; some of which start as the water is flowing through pipes. The Environmental Protection Agency requires the use of oil and water separators, which aid in environmental disposal, with all sewer pipeline systems.

As you can see, designing and installing sewer mains requires precision planning and installation. Every component has to work in harmony to prevent catastrophes in the workplace and environment.

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