Sewer Contractor

Working with a sewer contractor is essential anytime sewer systems need to be installed, repaired, or cleaned out. These systems contain wastewater and toxic pollutants that can result in environmental damage if not contained properly.

When hiring a sewer contractor it is important to work with professionals that are certified to perform the type of work required. Contractors need to meet county and state requirements for insurance coverage, business licenses, and work permits.

Installing and repairing sewer pipeline is a complex procedure that can result in expensive complications if work is not conducted according to state guidelines. Furthermore, it's important to hire the right kind of contractor for the job.

Some sewer contractors specialize in residential work, while others focus on commercial or municipal jobs. Residential sewer systems transport wastewater to municipal systems or private septic tanks.

Septic systems are used in areas where city sewer lines have not been installed. These systems retain solid waste and disperse grey water via a finger system. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the system to ensure sewage does not back.

Municipal sewer systems are maintained by the county. These systems transport wastewater via an integrate network of sewer pipeline to waste treatment facilities.

Many counties are faced with the dilemma of replacing outdated sewer systems. A lot of older systems are comprised of substandard materials that require substantial maintenance and need to be modernized. When entire systems are in need of repair or replacement, sewer contractors submit bids to the General Contractor hired to oversee the project. Or, in some cases, there is no general contractor, and sewer contractors are contracted outright.

Densely populated regions utilize a network of sewer pipes to control the various kinds of waste materials placed into the municipal system. One essential element of these systems is sewer manholes. Manholes are vital for providing workers with access to the system, as well as releasing gases that form inside the pipes.

Most sewer systems are gravity powered and include laterals that attach to subsurface branch sewer lines. This allows for waste to be transported downhill. Municipal sewer systems typically make use of inceptors that connect to trunk lines attached to an extensive pipeline system.

When sewer systems are installed in low-lying areas with little gravitational pull, the sewer contractor has to install a lift station to increase the elevation. This method allows waste to flow to another gravity powered system where it can be transported to a treatment facility.

Apart from septic systems, untreated wastewater and sewage is processed at a waste treatment plant. Transporting waste involves designing and installing a complex sewer system that includes sewer pipes, laterals, manholes, and distinctive elements such as water and oil separators.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates all components used with sewer pipelines and monitors treatment and disposal systems. Every sewer contractor is required to comply with EPA guidelines and install materials that have been approved by the agency.

Sewer system installation and sewer maintenance is a multi-faceted process that requires working with experienced sewer contractors, such as Kana Pipeline. Our company is recognized as a leader in value engineering and sewer system installation.

Kana Pipeline is in strict compliance with state and federal guidelines and works together with agencies to make certain sewer projects meet required construction codes and standards. Kana possesses nearly 30 years experience with sewer system installation and repair within residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal sectors.

If you need a sewer contractor in the state of California we welcome your estimate requests. We also invite you to learn more about the intricacies of sewer pipelines and reasons why it is vital to work with experienced contractors in our sewer pipeline article library.