Project Name:Westgate Apartments (3406)

Location:Pasadena, CA


Contract Value:$ 1,243,253.00

Project Summary:

Kana Pipeline installed offsite and onsite domestic water pipeline, fireline, sewer and storm drainage systems for new apartment complex structure, working with City of Pasadena Water Department of Public Works Departments.

Highlights: Pipeline construction work consisted of offsite sewer main upgrade to approximately 250 LF of 12" VCP clay pipe in the middle of California Street, at night, and nightly sewer bypass setup and take-down, sewer lateral reconnects, video camera of new installation, recoring existing sewer manhole and channel and provided traffic control and safety plates for own work. Also installed approximately 3,320 LF of 12", 8" and 4" ductile iron pipe (DIP) water lateral abandonments and watermain reconnects, water service abandonments and replacements of new water service installation, installed and relocated fire hydrant assemblies; installed gate valve, tees and crosses, thrust blocks, chlorinated and tested, and also abandoned a chilled water line; storm drainage consisted of approximately 665 LF of combined 24" and 18" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) installation, concrete blankets, concrete collars, junction structures, 4ea. 48" stormfilter manholes, removed, disposed and installed new catch basins and corresponding local depressions.


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