Project Name:Wellesley College Park (5096)

Location:Chino, CA


Contract Value:600,000's

Project Summary:

New underground wet utility - sewer, water and storm drain pipeline installation for new residential construction project.

Highlights: Sewer pipeline work consisting of over 3,000 LF of 4" and 8" PVC sewer pipeline and sewer laterals, laterals with backflows, 48" and 60" sewer manholes; fire line and water pipeline consisting of 8" C-900 PVC pipeline main, water service, fire hydrants, gate valves, blow offs, air vac assemblies, bends, tees and thrust blocks; storm drainage pipeline work consisting of over 4,000 LF of 4" - 12" PVC Schedule 40 and PVC Schedule 80 pipeline, junction structures, storm drain cleanouts, catch basins and local depressions, PVC tee and PVC Wye connections.


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