Project Name:Warner Industrial (7608)

Location:Santa Ana, CA

Type:Public Works

Client:City of Santa Ana

Contract Value:$ 3,457,000.00

Project Summary:

Warner Industrial Community Water and Sewer Improvements. City project No. 16-6461


Public Works Construction Pipeline Installation work consists of the following:

Water pipeline includes over 9,200 LF of 8" C900 PVC water main, 1" , 2" and 3" water services, gate valves, fire hydrant assemblies, 6" & 8" fire service connections to existing piping, furnish and install traffic-rated meter box and covers, water pipe casing, CCTV inspection of existing sewer main and sewer laterals; Combination Air Valves, Imported Backfill, Vertical Offsets and Potholing as needed.

Sewer pipeline includes over 450 LF of 15" VCP clay sewer pipeline; over 3,800 LF of 10" and 12" PVC Sewer main, sewer siphon, 6" sewer laterals and sewer cleanouts, sewer bypass, CCTV inspection of new sewer main, sewer flow level monitoring and alarming device, traffic loop detectors, signing and striping,

Other construction items: Mobilization, new traffic loop detectors, singing and striping; all traffic control associated with construction work; As-Builts, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

The following streets will be affected by construction work: Warner Ave., Susan St (north and south of Warner Ave.)., Anne St., Maywood Ave., Fordham Ave., Adam St., Central Ave., and Pendleton Ave.

This project will run for a total estimated time of 175 working days.

For any questions about this project, you may contact Client Relations at info[at]kanapipeline.com. Or, after normal business hours, you may reach us at (714) 532-9323.

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