Project Name:Tribella (7422)

Location:Santa Ana, CA


Contract Value:$1,000,000's

Project Summary:

Pipeline for 110 live/work mixed-use residential and single-family detached homes on an 8-acre site.


Public Sewer Pipeline installation work includes 8" PVC laterals, 48" sewer manhole, removal of asphalt and paving per city standards.

Private Sewer Pipeline installation work includes over 3,000 LF of 8" PVC pipeline main, 48" sewer manholes, and over 100 4" PVC laterals.

Public Water Pipeline and Fireline includes 6" and 12" PVC C900 CL200 pipeline main, hot taps, double detector check (DDC) with fire department connection (FDC), 6" domestic water service vault, bends, thrust blocks, reducers, tees, asphalt disposal and paving per City standards;

Private Water Pipeline includes over 4,000 LF of 4" and 6" PVC C900 CL 150 water main, tees, bends, thrust blocks, crosses, 1" polyethylene air vac with can, over 100 ea. Polyethelene water service with angle meter stops;

Private Fireline includes over 1,500 LF of 8" PVC C900 CL 150 fire mainline, fire hydrants, tees, bends, thrust blocks, gate valves;

Public Storm Drainage system includes over 300 LF of 24" RCP on Harbor Blvd, junction structures, removal of asphalt and paving per City Standards, R&R Median Curb;

Storm Drainage Systems includes over 900 LF of 8"-60" HDPE and 18"-24" RCP pipeline, HDPE reducer, junction structures, box manhole, diversion structure, catch basins, slope anchors, concrete collars, and several Modular Wetlands™ Systems (MWS) linear storm water treatments.

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