Project Name:Trask Avenue - Gilbert Street Sewer and Water Improvements (3714)

Location:Garden Grove, CA

Type:Public Works

Client:City of Garden Grove

Contract Value:$ 2,018,673.00

Project Summary:

The Trask Avenue - Gilbert Street Sewer Improvements Project consisting of construction of new replacement sewer lines in Trask Avenue, Gilbert Street and Galway Street.

The entire project requires reconstruction of street cross gutters, removal and/or abandonment of the existing sewer lines and manholes, dewatering, maintaining the existing sewer flows during construction by way of a sewer bypass that has to be taken down nightly, reconstructing and reconnecting sewer house connections, traffic control, trench pavement resurfacing, replacement of traffic loop detectors, traffic restriping and installation of raised pavement markers and appurtenant work.

Highlights: All sewer main consists of vitrified clay pipe (VCP) of approximately 1,477 LF of 12-inch; 1,339 LF of 18-inch; 1,437 LF of 21-inch of extra strength VCP; 1,500 LF of 8" sewer pipe on Garden Grove Blvd; construction of thirteen (13) new lined manholes and the modification of six (6) existing manholes; 1,500 LF of 8" PVC domestic water main.

Special Note: Kana Pipeline was featured on the front cover of CalContractor Magazine Issue 3 March 2009 "Laying Sewer Replacement Pipeline In Garden Grove" (p.6) that corresponded to this pipeline construction work.

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