Project Name:The Village at Bella Terra and Costco (5045)

Location:Huntington Beach, CA

Type:Commercial; Mixed-Use

Contract Value:1,000,000's

Project Summary:

Pipeline construction work consists of sewer, domestic and reclaimed water pipeline and storm drainage systems for a mixed-use project, which includes a Costco Wholesale shopping area as well as a 400+ residential unit building with retail and restaurant uses proposed on the ground floor of the residential building.

Sewer pipeline installation consisting of over 1,300 LF of 12" PVC SDR sewer main line, over 600 LF of 8" and 6" PVC sewer pipeline, and 48" sewer manholes. Note, there is a shallow water table known in this area, approximately 7-8' deep, which has posed a challenging yet manageable process for sewer pipe installation, taking longer due to dewatering of groundwater, which is necessary in order to ensure pipeline stability.

Domestic water and fireline pipeline work consists of 4", 8", 10" and 12" ductile iron pipe (DIP) and PVC (poly vinyl chloride) pipelines totaling over 4,000 LF, gate valves, double detector checks (DDC), reduced pressure principle devices (RPPD), blow offs, fire hydrants, fire department connections (FDC's), water meters, water services, 20" steel casing, and various water pipeline relocations.

Storm drainage systems consisting of over 2,500 LF of 6" - 30" HDPE (high density poly ethylene) pipeline, junction structures, grating catch basins, curb grating catch basins, reinforced concrete boxes (RCB's), transition structures, junction structures, 60" diversion manholes, a DUROMAXX Detention System, CDS Units, Stormfilter Units, an automatic flap gate and the modification of storm drain manholes for shallow depth.

Fireline, sewer and storm drain pipeline system removals as well as new pipeline installation for Costco portion of construction.

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