Project Name:The Source at Buena Park (6364)

Location:Buena Park, CA


Contract Value:$ 1.3 MM

Project Summary:

Installing Pipeline Infrastructure for a new state-of-the-art shopping destination in Southern California.


Offsite Sewer Pipeline Installation - over 500 LF of 12" and 6" VCP pipeline, sewer drop manhole, traffic control, trench protection, testing, street striping over sewer.

Offsite Storm Drain - over 900 LF of elliptical pipeline, 18" RCP, junction structures, various connections to existing utilities, utility potholing, trench protection, traffic control; relocations, AC Base Pave, cap asphalt and striping.

Offsite Water Pipeline - over 800 LF of 8" Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP), hot taps, gate valves, fire hydrants, cut and cap existing water main, connections, trench protection, traffic control, testing,

Offiste Fireline - backflow preventers, irrigation services, irrigation sleeves, traffic control

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