Project Name:Tennessee Avenue Lofts (3482)

Location:Los Angeles, CA


Contract Value:$ 353,984.00

Project Summary:

Kana Pipeline conformed to work in a tight construction setting, with limited space, and a strict timeline to install sewer pipeline and onsite storm drainage systems for this eco-friendly and ultramodern 84 unit loft complex.

Highlights: Kana's pipeline construction work consisted of installing a new and lined sewer maintenance hole with vitrified clay pipe (VCP) pipe in the right of way, along with PVC sewer pipeline onsite. As part of the designed Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan (SUSMP), Storm drainage work consisted of installing an underground StormTech � Subsurface Stormwater Management �Chamber Detention System Model SC-740 with a containment membrane and filter fabric liners, Flogard Plus and Catch Basin Filter inserts by Kristar, and Jenson precast watertight concrete vaults, installed per ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) Standard Specifications, to house two (2) main and two (2) nuisance engineered hydronic water pump equipment systems by Weil Aquatronics with corresponding control panel. The pump system and corresponding manifolds were designed to discharge by gravity into the chamber system, consistent with meeting City of LA guildelines. A vent pipe was installed within the Greenbook SPPWC (Standard Plans for Public Works Construction) Public Works Standard and its corresponding Plumbing Code requirements. An irrigation manhole was installed on the other end of the chamber system to allow the detained drainage to be recycled and reused to irrigate site's landscaping. All work and materials had to meet the stringent guidelines imposed by the City of Los Angeles and its Department of Building and Safety Mechanical Test Lab and Recognized Testing Agencies. Other challenges such as limited parking and site egress (the site only up to one or two main and narrow entrance /exits that faced a busy traffic street). This, together with tight construction work areas presented a challenge in coordinating delivery schedules with other subs, but Kana Pipeline overcame these hurdles and worked well with the Client and other Subcontractors to communicate and cater to the sensitive needs that this project demanded for all construction trades and workers involved.

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