Project Name:Sycamore Creek (5988)

Location:Riverside, CA


Contract Value:$ 900,000’s

Project Summary:

Sewer, Storm Drain, Domestic and Recycled Water Pipeline infrastructure for a new residential community.


Sewer pipeline work consists of over 7,000 LF of 4" & 8" PVC pipe main and laterals, 48" and 60" sewer manholes.

Storm Drainage Systems consists of over 1,500 LF of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) ranging in sizes from 18"-24", junction structures, catch basins with local depressions, storm drain manholes, concrete collars, headwall and wingwall, rip rap, a Triton Curb Inlet Filter, and trash rack.

Domestic Water Pipeline consists of over 4,000 LF of 8" PVC watermain, over 100 water services, fire hydrants, Air Vac Assemblies, high deflection couplings and other related restrained bends and joints.

Recycled Water Pipeline consists of over 700 LF, water services, setting meter boxes, high deflection couplings and related bends and joints.

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