Project Name:Stonegate In Tract B-7 (5170)

Location:Irvine, CA


Contract Value:1,000,000's

Project Summary:

Sewer, Water and Storm Drainage Pipeline Installation for new residential construction.


In Tract Sewer portion of pipeline work consisting of over 4,000 LF of 8" PVC, 48" sewer manholes, and over 2,500 LF of 4" sewer pipeline laterals.

In Tract Domestic Water and Fireline portion of pipeline consisting of over 7,000 LF of 4" - 8" PVC watermain, gate valves, fire hydrants, water services, water service manifolds, double detector checks (DDC), and a temporary waterline that Kana will have to remove later.

Approximately 600 LF of PVC Reclaimed Water Pipeline main, and 2" reclaimed water services.

In Tract Storm Drain has over 1,000 LF of 18" and 24" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), junction structures, concrete collars, 6" and 12" PVC storm drain pipeline,

This is a partially prevailing and non-prevailing wage project.

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