Project Name:Serrano Ridge (6811)

Location:Corona, CA


Contract Value:$ 1,000,000’s.

Project Summary:

Wet utility pipeline installation for new tract of homes in the Inland Empire.


Sewer - over 3,000 LF of 8" PVC SDR 35 sewer main, 48" sewer manholes, 4" PVC lateral pipes, 8" pipe anchors, remove asphalt and base pave.

Domestic Water - Over 4,000 LF of 8" PVC CL 200 watermain, tees, crosses, bends, gate valves, blow offs, restraint joints, high deflection couplings, hot taps, remove asphalt and base pave.

Recycled Water - Over 700 LF of 6" PVC CL200 water main, water services, high deflection couplings, retrain all joints, remove plug and join to exist.

Recycled Water - Offsite - Over 3,000 LF of 6" PVC CL200, tees, gate valves, bends, reducers, caps, air vac assemblies, water services, blow offs, high deflection couplings, restraining of joints, remove asphalt and base pave.

Storm Drainage Systems - Over 800 LF of RCP pipeline 18-24"; catch basins, headwalls and wingwalls, concrete forbay, storm drain manholes, concrete collars, pipe anchors, Triton Inlet Filter, Concrete Ditch, velocity control ring, remove asphalt and base pave.

This project also known as Sycamore Creek, Tract 36136.

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