Project Name:Serrano II (7451)

Location:Claremont, CA


Contract Value:$ 500,000’s

Project Summary:

Pipeline construction for new home community close to many recreational opportunities.


Over 1,300 LF of VCP sewer mainline, 48" sewer manholes, sewer cleanouts and mainline cleanouts

Over 1,000 LF of storm drainage pipelines including 24" , 18" and 12" HDPE, 24" and 30" ADS Nyloplast Inlets, MC- 4500 Stormtech Chamber units

Over 600 LF of 8" DIP water main, gate valves, fire hydrants, grouped water services, and service abandonments.

Grand opening coming soon for this new home community, minutes away from a wildlife park, shopping, dining and nightlife. There's an abundance of recreational opportunities available just outside your front door

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