Project Name:Sendero (6066 and 6051)

Location:San Juan Capistrano, CA


Contract Value:$1.6 MM

Project Summary:

New pipeline construction to build on a 23,000-acre ranch just up the Ortega Highway from San Juan Capistrano and just 5 miles from the beach.


For 6066 Sendero P3 / TR17453: Townhomes Contract in the $700,000's

Sewer Pipeline installation work consists of over 2,200 LF of 8" PVC SDR 35 pipeline main installation, 19 manholes, 4" sewer laterals, & video of sewer main.

Water Pipeline installation work consists of over 2,600 LF of 8" PVC CL 200, restrained joints, tees, fire bends, adaptors, fire hydrants, dead end connection and over 100 water services!

Fireline work consists of over 1,800 LF of 4" PVC CL200, 240LF of ductile iron pipe, double detector checks, stainless steel building risers, 2-way fire department connections, and isolation valves.

Storm Drainage Systems consist of over 800 LF of 24" and 18" RCP, over 500 LF of 8" PVC 35 and 12" PVC 35, catch basins, junction structures, concrete collars, and a 6' x 4' Filterra ® basin.

For townhomes right on the trail, this neighborhood hits the spot. Ranging from 1400's to 1700's square feet, each townhome features heritage architecture and an artisan landscape. The two-story, three- and four-bedroom plans include everything from two-car direct-access garages to tech centers and lofts/retreats for all the modern conveniences.

For 6051: Sendero TR 17064 and 17065: Single Family Homes Contract in the $900,000's

Sewer Pipeline installation work consists of over 3,300 LF of 8" PVC SDR 35 main, 48ea, sewer manholes, 105 cleanouts

Water Pipeline installation work consists of over3,500 LF of 8" PVC CL200 mainline, crosses, tees, bends, reducers and other pipe fittings, gate valves, dead end mains, 1" water services, 2" water services and backflows, fire hydrants

Storm Drainage Systems consist of over 2,100 LF of 18" reinforced concrete pipe, over 2,400 LF of area drains, storm drain cleanouts, single grated catch basins, junction structures and various connections to existing storm drainage pipeline infrastructure

Inspired by California's rich history, these three- and four-bedroom homes feature floor plans from 1800 to 2000 square feet, plus interesting architectural flourishes, sweeping staircases, spacious gourmet kitchens, two-car garages and nifty non-traditional hardware touches that will make you want to spend more time at home.

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