Project Name:Rosedale Citrus (8095)

Location:Azusa, CA


Contract Value:$ 1,000,000’s

Project Summary:

Wet utilities for Transit Plaza and Residential areas.


Pipeline in Transit Plaza includes:

Water Pipeline installation includes ductile iron pipeline, 2-way FDC, water services, fire risers, double detector check, backflows

Storm Drainage Systems consists of over 500 LF OF 18", 24" and 30" RCP, storm drain manholes, junction structures, catch basins and connection to existing catch basin.

Sewer Pipeline includes over 400 LF of 4" and 8" VCP, 48" manhole and cleanouts

Pipeline in Residential area includes:

Water Pipeline includes over 2,000 LF of 4' and 8" ductile iron pipeline, fire hydrants, 2-way FDC's, water services, service manifolds, bends, tees and gate valves, concrete encasements, DCDA's, flow off assemblies, fire risers, air vacs, backflows.

Storm Drainage Systems includes over 2,000 LF of 18" HDPE, and PVC pipeline, catch basins, junction structures

Sewer Pipeline includes over 4,000 LF of 4" and 8" VCP clay sewer pipe, 48" sewer manholes, abandonments and removals of existing sewer and sewer manholes

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