Project Name:Plaza El Segundo (2844)

Location:El Segundo, CA


Contract Value:$ 4,668,305.00

Project Summary:

Construction pipeline work consisted of some deep pipeline installation where Kana used sheet pile shoring to install storm drainage systems in approximately 30' deep trenches; also installed onsite and offsite sewer, fire line, domestic water, and storm drain systems pipeline installation to service this large shopping center.

Highlights: Kana Pipeline installed approximately 4,500 LF of 6" and 8" PVC SDR 35 of sewer main, sewer manholes, sewer cleanouts; 8" and 10 " VCP clay sewer pipe; Ductile Iron Pipe, plastic PVC Sch 40, PVC C-900 CL200 pipelines, fire hydrant assemblies, backflows, post indicator valves (PIV's), check valves, all pertinent fittings and thrust blocks, fire department connections (FDC), fire sprinkler risers, pressure tests, fireline flushes; HDPE , PVC, and Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) storm drainage piping, gate valves, water services, backflows, double detector checks (DDC), post indicator valves (PIV), hot taps, blind flanges, HDPE storm drain for storm drain piping, drainage manholes and cleanouts, CDS stormwater units, drain boxes, precast boxes, weir box, curb inlet, atrium grates, concrete blankets, concrete collars, concrete end wall, concrete pipe anchors, concrete slope anchors, junction structures, mini channel drains, area drains, catch basins, curb inlets, and all pertinent fittings, etc.

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