Project Name:Planning Area 40 Backbone Street Improvements (5018)

Location:Irvine, CA


Contract Value:$ 1,500,000's

Project Summary:

Sewer, Domestic and Reclaimed Water Pipeline and Storm Drainage Systems for Construction of a New Residential Community.

Sewer pipeline consisting of approximately 3,500 LF of PVC SDR 35 and PVC C-900 CL 200 8"-10" deep sewer main pipeline, sewer manholes and cleanouts; Storm drainage systems consisting of over 6,000 LF of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) ranging in sizes from 18" - 60", Junction structures, storm drain manholes, catch basins and storm drain cleanouts; Domestic water pipeline consisting of approximately 3,700 LF of PVC pipeline, Gate Valves, Tees, Reducers, adaptors, water services; Reclaimed water pipeline consisting of over 1,400 LF of 4" PVC pipeline, gate valves, tees, reducers, adaptors and water services.


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