Project Name:Pelican Hill Resort and Spa (3361)

Location:Newport Coast, CA


Contract Value:$1,840,760.00

Project Summary:

Kana Pipeline installed approximately 700 LF of sewer, 1,100 LF of combined water pipeline and fireline pipeline, and 14,000 LF of combined storm drainage pipelines for this new exclusive commercial development for the Irvine Company.

Highlights: Pipeline work consisting of PVC Class 200 pipe, sewer and storm drain cleanouts, videoing sewer line, pipe testing, bronze fire hydrants, post indicate valves (PIV's) with tamper switches, ductile iron pipe (DIP), reduced pressure backflows, wall sub drains, tree drain pipe and fittings, perforated pipe, multi-flow drainage, vertical drain connectors, light fixture drains, pot drains, brass grates, atrium grates and basins, concrete slurry pipeline trenches in traffic areas, paint and raise-to-grades of all relevant appurtenances.

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