Project Name:Parkside Estates (7876)

Location:Huntington Beach, CA


Contract Value:$ 5,000,000’s

Project Summary:

Major pipeline infrastructure for new homes to coastal area.


Sewer pipeline installation includes over 5,100 LF of 8" PVC SDR 35 pipeline main, and over 500 LF of 12" and 4" PVC sewer pipeline laterals and mains; 48" Sewer manholes, 60" sewer manholes, disposal of existing sewer manholes as well as pavement; this works also includes force main sewer improvements as well as demo of existing sewage pump station.

Water pipeline installation includes over 5,700 LF of 8" PVC AWWA C900, DR 14 watermain pipeline, gate valves, ductile iron tees, flanged with thrust blocks, and D.I. bends, fire hydrant assemblies, water meters, blow off assemblies, and restrained joints.

Storm Drainage Systems include over 6,500 LF of reinforced concrete pipeline ranging in size from 12" to 120", junction structures, rip-rap, storm drain inlets, catch basins, Contech units CDS 2020 and CDS 3030, removal of existing structures, and concrete backfill.

Contract work includes traffic control, testing, chlorination, raise-to-grades, and mobilizations, etc. included, per City standards and related specifications.



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