Project Name:Park Place (8108)

Location:Ontario, CA


Contract Value:$ 500,000’s

Project Summary:

Wet utility pipeline installation for new homes.


Approximately 350 LF of 8" clay Sewer Pipeline, 60" diameter sewer manholes;

Storm Drainage Systems includes over 600 LF of 18" - 48" RCP pipeline, junction structures, catch basins;

Domestic Water Pipeline main installation includes over 2,400 LF of PVC C900 CL200 pipe, gate valves, fire hydrant assemblies, restrained joints, air vac assemblies, water services

Recycled Water Pipeline work includes over 2,300 LF of 8" PVC C900 CL200 purple recycled water line installation; recycled water service line and air vac assemblies.

For Tract 18913-3, Phase 2 B work. Located by Eucalyptus and Archibald in/near Ontario Ranch.

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