Project Name:One Carter (3394)

Location:Sierra Madre, CA


Contract Value:$ 1,676,914.00

Project Summary:

This was a high profile residential project uniquely carved into a steep mountainside to build approximately 30 lots of custom-made luxury homes. The City, its Residents and LA County Flood Control played a major role in all construction related activities to ensure this project ran as smooth as possible, especially with regards to stormwater runoff and Best Management Practices.

Highlights: Kana Pipeline installed sewer, domestic water, fireline and storm drainage systems for this entire residential project. Sewer work consisted of approximately 4,000 LF of 6" and 8" VCP onsite and offsite sewer in roadway, 48" sewer manholes and cleanouts, air tests, mandrels; approximately 3,000 LF of ductile iron watermain pipe (DIP), gate valves, in line valves, tees, crosses, bends and thrust blocks, copper water services, chlorination, bacteria testing, de-chlorination, hot taps, flushing; approximately 2,000 LF of combined 54", 42", 30", 24" and 18" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and rubber-gasket RCP pipe, velocity control rings, 54, and 48" manholes, manholes (320-1 and 322-1), Pressure Manholes (211-1 and 212-1), transition structures ( 340-1), junction structures (331-2 and 322-1), catch basins (300-1, 301-2, 301-1 and 301-2), Modified catch basin 300-2 Inlet w/ rack, Modified MH 300-2 no opening, a CDS PMSU 30-30 storm water drainage vault system, slope anchor, debris tower and with base, guard posts, corrugated metal pipe riser to concentrate and maintain drainage and BMP measures; Kana installed a large reinforced concrete-facing slab in the debris basin to mitigate massive velocity-driven mountainside stormwater runoff.


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