Project Name:OCTA Metrolink Parking Structure (4812)

Location:Tustin, CA

Type:Public, Commercial, Transportation

Contract Value:$ 454,000.00

Project Summary:

Night work to relocate sewer and storm drainage pipeline work so as not to disturb adjacent businesses, as well as water and fireline systems to make way for a new parking structure for the Orange County Transit Authority.

Highlights: Pipeline work generally consisted of relocating sewer, and storm drainage pipeline systems, in addition to a new water and fireline system in order to build a new parking structure adjacent to existing set of office buildings for OCTA. Specifically, 4"-24" storm drain pipelines with catch basins, storm drain manholes, junction structure and a stormwater filter vault; Sewer pipes ranging from 4" to 8" with corresponding manholes, cleanouts and a sewer bypass; Water pipelines between 2"-8" with related valves, hydrants, backflows, detector check, fire department connection (FDC) and infrastructures.

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