Project Name:North Main Street (4816)

Location:Corona, CA


Contract Value:1,000,000's

Project Summary:

Sewer, Domestic and Reclaimed Water Pipeline, Fireline, and Storm Drainage Systems for both onsite and offsite related pipeline construction improvement work for this residential project, the largest apartment community in the entire Inland Empire area to date. To learn more, see our Press Releases section on our website.

Sewer pipeline work consists of over 2,000 LF of 6" and 8" PVC pipe, over 1,000 LF of 8" poly lined ductile iron sewer pipe (DIP), 60" sewer manholes.

Domestic Water and Fireline pipeline consist of fire hydrants, approximately 4,000 LF of wrapped DIP pipe, gate valves, C-900 CL200 PVC pipe, detector checks, blow offs, air vac assemblies and a waterline undercrossing; reclaimed water pipeline systems consists of over 1,000 LF of 12" & 8" wrapped DIP pipe, gate valves, blow offs, air vac assemblies, waterline undercrossing, Schedule 80 PVC pipe and water services.

Storm Drainage systems consists of over 3,000 LF of PVC, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) pipelines ranging in size from 4" to 24", catch basins, catch basin filter inserts, drain boxes, storm drain manholes, curb openings, storm drain cleanouts, junction structures, and several Jellyfish* stormwater treatment units as well as "smart sponge plus" filter inserts for drop inlets to just name a few storm drainage system improvements.


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