Project Name:Newport Beach Country Club (6542)

Location:Newport Beach, CA


Contract Value:$ 2,000,000’s

Project Summary:

Public Water, Domestic Water, Private Fireline, Sewer and Storm Drainage system improvements for upgrades to an existing facility.


This $40 million clubhouse and redesigned grounds renovation is expected to be open in October 2015. The golf course, which will remain open during construction, is scheduled to host the 21st annual Toshiba Classic PGA Champions golf tournament in October 2016. According to General Manager Perry Dickey in a 2014 release, it's not "just a golf club" but a "full-scale, vibrant country club."

Kana Pipeline's portion included the following wet utility pipeline work:

Public Water Pipeline - 8" double detector check

Private Fireline and Domestic Water - over 2,000 LF of 2" - 8" PVC pipe and fittings, post indicator valve, building riser, fire hydrants, chlorinating new private domestic water, testing and flushing of fire system

Sewer pipe installation included over 1,000 LF of 4" and 6" PVC pipe and fittings, sewer grate inlet, joining existing sewer manhole, joining new building lateral, and testing of the new system

Storm Drainage Systems encompassed the most work - joining existing catch basin, curb inlet catch basin, curb opening catch basing, several Modular Wetlands™ unit installations, storm drain manholes, a 36" diameter Drywell, over 2,600 LF of 12" - 24" HDPE pipe and fittings, over 1,800 LF of 4-6 PVC and Perforated Pipe

Special Safety Accolades: Kana Pipeline received its first formal Golden Gate Partnership Recognition from Cal/OSHA consultation Service for its efforts in implementing and maintaining an effective safety and health management system during OSHA's visit to this site on April 8, 20-15. The Kana Project Management team were specifically recognized in it for their dedication to safety. See our company Linked In page for more details. This makes us the first wet utility pipeline contracting company in Southern California to have received this distinguished recognition.

Project located 1600 East Coast Hwy.

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