Project Name:MR 30 Topaz (8202)

Location:Rancho Mission Viejo, CA


Contract Value:$ 500,000’s

Project Summary:

Construction for brand new homes in OC that need Sewer, Domestic, Recycled and Storm Drainage pipeline installation.


Sewer Pipeline includes over 1,700 LF of 4" and 8" PVC SDR pipeline, 48" sewer manholes

Domestic Water Pipeline installation includes over 1,700 LF of 8" C-900 PVC pipeline main, gate valves, thrust blocks, fire hydrants, bends, air vacs and blow offs

Recycled Water Pipeline includes over 100 LF of 6" PVC C-900 purple pipeline, water service, blow off

Storm Drainage Systems includes over 1,400 LF of 18", 24" and 30" RCP pipeline, inlet types, concrete collars, storm drain manholes

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