Project Name:Middle College High School (4746)

Location:Los Angeles, CA


Contract Value:$ 400,000's

Project Summary:

Kana Pipeline installed complete site wet utility systems for this school's pipeline design, including...

Highlights:Water services, fireline systems, approximately 1,600 linear feet of sanitary sewer and approximately 2,000 linear feet of storm drain pipe and all other related excavation, backflow preventers, curb outlets, saw cutting, demo, excavation, bedding, hoisting, concrete and reinforcing steel, piping, fittings, valves, thrust blocks, catch basins, manholes and junction structures. Adjustment of all manholes and valve box assemblies were to confirm to adjacent pavement grades. Kana restored existing surfaces disturbed by Kana's operations.

Storm Drain Pipe Excavation.jpgTrench Excavation.jpg

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