Project Name:Lenore Avenue - Lampson Avenue Sewer Improvements (6342)

Location:Garden Grove, CA

Type:Public Works

Client:Garden Grove Sanitary District

Contract Value:$1,976,000.00

Project Summary:

New sewer pipeline installation along Lenore Ave - Lampson Avenue.


Sewer pipeline improvement work consists of installing over 7,800 LF of 10", 12", 15" and 18" sewer vcp (clay) pipe. Other related work involves removing existing sewer manholes and bases, abandoning existing sewers, filling sewers with slurry, constructing a sewer bypass, reconnecting 4" & 6" house connections, 12" HDPE sewer line- pipe bursting, abandoning existing mains, installing Sancon 100 lined sewer manholes, installing T-Locke lined sewer manholes, post construction closed circuit television, groundwater treatment, slurry seal over asphalt, including temporary striping. Includes all related traffic control.

Ref: Garden Grove's Sanitary District Project No. 7822 - Drawing No. W-555

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