Project Name:Laguna Crossing (4852)

Location:Irvine, CA


Contract Value:$700,000's

Project Summary:

Also known as Laguna Altura, Kana Pipeline to install new domestic water and storm drainage pipeline improvements for this new residential development.


Installating storm drainage systems consisting of approximately 5,200 LF of 48", 42", 36", 30", 24", and 18" Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP), Catch Basins, Junction Structures, Headwall, Rip-Rap, etc.

Water pipeline installation consists of Water Quality Inlet, Water Quality Diversion, Water Quality Manhole, and Slope Anchor per OCPW Standards. Kana will also install over 2,500 linear feet of temporary 12" High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fused Domestic Water Invasion a.k.a "Highline" Pipe Line, Turnout Piping Improvements, and Air Vac Assemblies, Blow Offs, and Butterfly Valves just to name a few. Note, this temporary 12" HDPE highline is planned for a 6-year use, until further development in the area commences.

This project is unique in that it has oversized rock windrows and hard bedrock that will require special rock trench excavation operations, in order to install the various pipeline infrastructures.


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