Project Name:Kimberly Business Park (2998)

Location:Fullerton, CA


Contract Value:$2,107,483.00

Project Summary:

Kana installed onsite underground pipeline of approximately 2,400 LF of sewer, 6,600 LF of water and fireline pipelines and approximately 4,000 LF of storm drainage site utilities to sustain this host of buildings, including offsite work installing pipeline underneath an adjacent rail road track.

Highlights: Installed 4" and 8" VCP clay pipe in street, removed railroad ties and suspended rails, working on weekends at railroad crossing, sawcut, removed and hauled off asphalt for own work, videoed sewer line; installed 6" and 8" ductile iron pipe (DIP) for watermain installation with restrained joints and fittings, tees, thrust blocks, gate valves, fire hydrants and relocations, water services, domestic and irrigation reduced pressure backflows (RPPD's), bollards, bacteriatesting, chlorination, dechlorination, and flushing water systems, double detector check (DDC) with tamper switches, 2-way and 4-way FDC's, waterline abandonments; removing existing catch basins, installing new catch basins, storm drain manholes per APWA 320-321, outlet structures, catch basin curb inlets per APWA 300, catch basin inlets APWA 304 with filters, curbside grading inlet # 303-2 with filter single, curbside grading inlet # 303-2 double grate, local depressions, junction structures, 12-inch- to 42-inch HDPE storm drain pipe, 18-inch to 42-inch RCP pipe and corresponding monolithic connection of these concrete pipelines.

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