Project Name:Irvine Spectrum Center Ph7 (6481)

Location:Irvine, CA


Contract Value:$ 600,000’s

Project Summary:

Installation of sewer, water and storm drainage systems, day and night.


Sewer work consisted of 48" sewer manholes, over 700 LF of 3"-8" PVC sewer pipeline, several grease interceptors and connections to other existing sewer utilities.

Public Water work consisted of over 500 LF of PVC pipeline, water services, and fire hydrants.

Private domestic water consisted of over 400 LF of PVC, reduced pressure backflow devices.

Fireline work consisted of stainless steel fire sprinkler risers, and over 200 LF of 4"-6" PVC pipe.

Storm Drain work consisted of over 1,600 of 4" - 15" PVC pipe and over 170 LF of reinforced concrete pipeline, catch basins with filters, junction structures, grates with risers, a diversion manhole, and a couple of modular Wetlands brand storm drainage system.


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