Project Name:Heritage Fields El Toro (6006)

Location:Irvine, CA

Type:Public Works

Contract Value:$475,000’s

Project Summary:

Irvine Boulevard IRWD Capital Facilities Sanitary Sewer, Domestic and Recycled Water


Domestic (potable) water pipeline consist of installing over 1,000 LF of 12" DR 13 PVC CL200 pipe, air release assemblies as par to f Irvine Ranch Water District's Capital Improvement Projects.

Recycled (non-drinking) water pipeline consist of installing over 300 LF of 6" DR14 PVC CL200 purple pipe, hot taps.

Sewer pipeline work consists of installation approximately over 120 LF of 15" PVC SDR 35, 48" and 60" sewer manholes
Other construction work includes construction water and traffic control.

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