Project Name:Harvest Tract (5693)

Location:Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Contract Value:$ 1.1 MM

Project Summary:

Offsite and onsite underground wet utility pipeline installation for a new residential project.


Sewer Pipeline Onsite and Offsite work consists of 48" manholes, sewer cleanouts, over 7,000 LF of 4" - 8" PVC SDR 35 pipe main and laterals, and over 100 LF of 8" ductile iron pipe (DIP) installed.

Water Pipeline Offsite work consists of 10" double detector checks (DDC's), Concrete mortar-lined and coated (CML&C) pipe, gate valves, cut-in tees, domestic water services, irrigation water services, fire hydrants with hot taps, backflow devices.

Water pipeline onsite work consist of over 4,000 LF of PVC Class 165 pipeline installation, gate valves, thrust blocks, blow offs, over 110 ¾" PVC schedule 40 services, pipe tees, pipe cross and bends and several under-crossings.

Onsite Private Fireline pipeline installation work consists of over 4,000 LF of 6" and 10" PVC Class 200 pipe main, thrust blocks, fire hydrants, pipe tees, bends and reducers, post indicator valves (PIV's) and several under-crossings.

Public Storm Drainage work consist of 77 LF of 42" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) lateral, junction structure, manhole and temp patch back.

Private storm Drainage work includes includes over 1,500 LF of 18" - 42" High Density Poly Ethylene(HDPE) pipeline, curb opening catch basins, Triton catch basin filters, 60" and 48" storm drain manholes, as well as a Stormtech system MC-4500 consisting of over 1,100 LF chambers, 24" and 30" Nyloplast Snout and Weir Structures, Nyloplast curb inlets, 6"-18" HDPE pipe with fittings, mainline cleanouts, and over 2,100 LF of 12 - 18" PVC SDDR 35 area drainage pipeline installation.

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