Project Name:First Christian Church (3329)

Location:Huntington Beach, CA


Contract Value:$500,000's

Project Summary:

Sewer, Fireline, Water Pipeline and Storm Drainage Systems installed for existing church undergoing wet utility pipeline improvements and other remodeling upgrades.

Highlights: Kana Pipeline installed new underground wet utility pipelines consisting of onsite and offsite sewer, fireline, water pipeline and storm drainage systems and coordinated with the City of Huntington Beach for all offsite related underground pipeline work. Sewer consisting of approximately 900 LF of 4" and 6" PVC plastic pipe, sewer cleanouts, joining an existing manhole which required core drilling and rechanneling of the base, joining building and existing laterals and testing sewer systems to ensure no leaks; Water and Fireline pipeline work consisted of 2" water services, reduced pressure backflows, copper pipe from meter to backflow, testing new services and chlorinating, dechlorinating and flushing; an 8 x 6 hot tap and gate valve to connect a 6" fireline with approximately 500 LF of 6 PVC pipeline; a 6" double detector check assembly, a 2-way fire department connection, fire hydrant assembly, fire rise at 6" above finished floor (A.F.F.), testing and chlorination of new public lines, dechlorinating and flushing new public lines; storm drainage pipeline work consisting of approximately 18" RCP pipeline, which was connected to a 6" forced main junction structure Type C, catch basin, and local depression, 18" check valve (flap gate) at manhole, 48" storm drain manhole with grate, a 4" overflow line with PVC SDR fittings, a 96" vault with 36" access cover, pump, control panel and interior piping, a 6" swing check valve, 8" ductile iron pipe, a Kristar Atlantis D Raintank Triple Module storm drainage system, and a Contech 8 x 18 concrete storm filter vault which holds 38 cartridges and was hoisted using a 120K crane, 36" square grate catch basins, 18", 12", 8", and 6" PVC pipe and fittings.


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