Project Name:Fashion Island Nordstrom (3660)

Location:Newport Beach, CA


Contract Value:$ 899,000.00

Project Summary:

This is the project where Kana installed one of the first "green" concrete drainage vault filters of its kind in Southern California. See our Press Releases section for more information and photos.

Highlights: Installed sewer, fireline, domestic water and storm drain pipeline systems consisting of approximately 1,000 LF of 6", 8" and 10" PVC SDR 35 sewer pipe, new 48" manholes, core drilled and rechanneled existing sewer manhole, sewer cleanouts, 1,500-gal grease interceptor, abandoned and existing sewer manhole and pipeline in place; installed water PVC C900 CL 200 pipe, and fireline pipeline consisting of hydrant assembly with relocated head, butterfly valves and tees, siphoned a 12'' water main under a 21'' RCP drainage line, air vacuum assembly, gate valves, water services, reduced pressure backflows, removed blind flanges to install new fire hydrant and fire service assemblies, FEBCO Double Detector Check, a 4-Way FDC, and sprinkler riser; approximately 1,000 LF of 18", 21" and 24" RCP storm drain pipe, PVC SDR 35 drainage pipe lines, an 8' x 18' Stormfilter vault, Stormgate Manholes with Weir Plates, Junction Structure No. 2 Per Std# 311, ACO K100S Trench Drains, 8' x 18' Stormfilter, Curb Inlet catch basins with local per Std# 305, drain boxes, junction structures, concrete collars, atrium grates.

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