Project Name:Fairwind (6592)

Location:Huntington Beach, CA


Contract Value:$2,500,000's

Project Summary:

Pipeline installation for a new residential community of single family homes located just a few miles from the sand in Surf City.


Sewer pipeline installation of over 2,800 LF of 8" PVC; 48" manholes, cleanouts laterals, removals;

Water and fireline for offsite public and onsite consists of over 2,800 LF of 8" PVC Class 150 mainline, gate valves, blow offs, fire hydrants, 80ea. 1" service meters, over 200 LF o f 6" PVC CL150 pipeline, tees and bends, thrust blocks, Cathodic Protection, irrigation services, water crossings, air vacs;

Storm drainage systems consist of over 2,000 LF of 36" rubber gasket RCP, catch basins, junction structures, removals, water crossing, Onsite storm drainage systems consist of over 2,200 LF of 24, 30, 48" and 60" HDPE pipe, over 1,500 LF of 6" PVC and 8" PVC pipeline installation, catch basins, junction structures with pressure covers, 2 pump stations, trash rack, cleanouts, check valves perforated pipe, bioretention facility, riprap, and a Contech CDS unit.

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