Project Name:EDCO Recycling Onsite and Offsite Phases (5152)

Location:Signal Hill, CA


Contract Value:600,000's

Project Summary:

Kana Pipeline was awarded both the onsite and subsequent offsite phase contracts for sewer, water and storm drainage pipeline systems.

Onsite (Phase 2) pipeline construction work consists of installation of a 12" ductile iron pipe (DIP) main; storm drainage systems consisting of over 1,000 LF of PVC and DIP pipeline installation, several Filterra Units, both precast and cast in place, trench drains, a Little Giant Sump Pump (with piping), a Simplex Pump (with piping) single and dual check valve and gate valve with Duplex, also with piping.

Offsite (Phase 1) pipeline construction work consists of saddling the existing 21" sewer pipe main and connecting a 6" vitrified clay pipe (VCP) sewer lateral, and cleanout; Storm drainage systems consist of catch basins, over 300 LF of 24" and 33" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), storm drain manholes, concrete collars, removal of asphalt and temp patch back; potholing for existing utilities; fireline and water pipeline consists of water services and fire hydrants with hot taps, valve stem extensions, meter boxes installation as well as various storm drainage and water system removals; Traffic Control per W.A.TC.H. Manual (Work Area Traffic Control Handbook).

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