Project Name:Douglas Park (7718)

Location:Long Beach, CA


Contract Value:$ 600,000’s

Project Summary:

Wet utility pipeline construction for new shopping center.


Sewer includes over 1,00 LF of 6" and 8" VCP and DIP Sewer pipeline, sewer manholes, end plugs

Reclaimed Water Pipeline installation includes over1,300 LF of 6" and 12" DIP, water services, valves, tees, blow off assemblies, air relief assemblies, steel casing

Domestic Water Pipeline includes over 1,900 LF of 6" and 12" DIP for pipeline main and fire service laterals, fire hydrant assemblies, water services, reducers, crosses, tees, blow off assemblies, TRI-Flex Vertical, end caps, temp blow off, air relief assembly, valve and steel casing

Storm Drain includes over 200 LF of 18" - 24" gasketed RCP pipe, storm drain manhole, brick and mortar plug,

Our project is referred to as Douglas Park Segment 6 Offsite Improvements.

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