Project Name:Domestic Waterline Improvements E13 E14 (CIP 08803) (4824)

Location:San Juan Capistrano, CA

Type:Public Works

Client:City of San Juan Capistrano

Contract Value:$ 657,700.00

Project Summary:

For City of San Juan Capistrano, Kana Pipeline worked in residential neighborhood and in dog park to install Domestic Waterline Improvements.

Highlights:Installed approx 2,600 LF of new Domestic Waterline, 12", 10" and 8" ACP Line-Stops, provided 36 new Gate Valves, replaced 14 Fire Hydrants, Bore and Jack, Air Release and Blow Off Assemblies, Testing and Disinfection, Connected to Existing Mains, Overcrossing, Over Ex and Refill (approx 300 CY), Asphalt Removal and Replacements (approx 50,000 SF)

Traffic Control.JPGPipe Layout.JPG

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