Project Name:Crestavilla Senior Living (7188)

Location:Laguna Niguel, CA


Contract Value:$ 1,000,000’s

Project Summary:

Construction for new resort-style senior living community of 224 units on 11 acres.


This new community is determined to set a new standard of senior housing in the area. Kana Pipeline's scope of work includes some of the following:

Public Sewer -8" PVC, sewer manholes, traffic control, connections to existing; testing, permanent trench base asphalt patch

Private Sewer - Over 900 LF PVC SDR35 pipeline, sewer manholes, sewer cleanouts, slurry fill, sewer connection,

Offsite Storm Drain - over 200 LF of 24" RCP, Griswold permanent cab trench asphalt, junction structures, storm drain connections, concrete collars, slope anchors, potholing existing utilities; over 2,000 LF of HDPE storm drain pipeline, over 3,000 LF of PVC SDR, NDS area drains, perforated storm drain pipe, Brooks boxes, and Katchall Kleenspot Filter

Public Water Pipeline includes 8" and 6" PVC, commercial water meter, backflow preventers, irrigations meter, fire hydrant assemblies, bends and tees, thrust blocks, traffic control, testing, permanent trench base asphalt

Private Domestic Water Pipeline includes over 400 LF of 6" PVCC900 Cl150

Fireline includes 1,200 LF of 8" PVC C9900 Cl 150, fire riser, fire hydrant assemblies

The project is proposed to be LEED-Gold Certifiable.

Crestavilla is located near the intersection of Niguel Road and Crown Valley Parkway in beautiful Laguna Niguel, California.

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