Project Name:Crescent Drive Garage (4301)

Location:Beverly Hills, CA

Type:Public Works

Contract Value:$1.2M

Project Summary:

Kana installed sewer and water pipeline systems in street to sustain a future underground parking garage located near Beverly Hills City Hall.

Highlights: This project consisted of abandoning and removing existing sewer manholes, constructing 8ea. 48" sewer manholes, saw cutting and zipping trench lines, installing a 18" VCP clay pipe sewer main in the street right of way, rerouting sewer pipelines, sewer video, base paving, capping, slurry sealing streets, restriping and traffic loops; approximately 1,000 LF 8" and 6" ductile iron (DIP CL 52) water pipeline main and lateral pipe, respectively, for post office, fire hydrants , removed and replaced sidewalk; Kana's SUE Department conducted approximately 70 potholes to verify location of existing utilities, and necessary traffic control to maintain driver, pedestrian and construction work zone safety.


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