Project Name:Covey Dickerson (7225)

Location:Buena Park, CA


Contract Value:$ 1,000,000’s

Project Summary:

Wet utility pipeline installation for construction of new homes.


Sewer Pipeline installation work includes 48" diameter manholes, over 1,800 LF of 8" PVC, Sewer cleanouts, slurry backfill, asphalt removal and base pave

Water Pipeline construction includes a hot taps, reducer, over 1,800 LF of 8" Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP), bends, thrust blocks and other fittings, gate valves, slurry backfill, fire hydrants, blow off assemblies, 1" water services, asphalt removal and base pave

Storm Drainage Systems include over 1,000 LF of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and corrugated polypropylene pipe ranging from 18"- 60", including double gasket polypropylene pipe for no leak manifold application, over 800 LF of 8" and 12" PVC pipe, storm drain cleanouts, catch basins, junction structures, a 60" ADS system, one pump station, curb drain, storm drain manifold, and several Modular Wetlands ™ Advanced Stormwater Biofiltration units in various sizes

This project contracted as the Covey-BP-Dickerson Offsites, also known as, "The Covey," and is located at the southwest corner of Ball Road and Bernadette Avenue at a former school site. Other images of this project available at our wet utility website as well as our facebook site.




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