Project Name:Costco San Marcos (4452)

Location:San Marcos, CA


Contract Value:$ 700,000's

Project Summary:

Storm Drainage Systems for new onsite and gas station facilities for a commercial construction project.

Highlights: Kana installed storm drainage systems consisting of 17ea A-4 Storm Drain Cleanouts, 4 ea. Type "F" Inlets (one) , 3ea. Overflow Drainage Inlets, Energy Dissipater, Bio Retention, 24"x 24" Precast Inlets, 1ea. 10-cartridge Contech Stormfilter 6' x 12'drainage system, 2ea. 7-cartridge 6' x 8' Contech Stormfilter drainage system, Stormfilter Manhole with 2 cartridges, 1ea. Energy Dissipator SDRSD D41A-D43C with Rip Rap, Mirafi Liner for Retention Basins, Trench Drain at Truck Dock, 36" and 24" grated overflow risers, multiple 36x36, 30x30 and 24x24 Precast Drainage Structures with Solid Covers, Type F Inlets (2 sided inlet); approximately 700 LF of RCP and 18" RCP; 5,500 LF of 24" PVC, 18" PVC, 12" PVC, 8" PVC, 6" PVC and other PVC perforated pipe for bio retention areas and walls; trench drains, concrete collars; for the Gas Station, storm drainage consisting of a 450-Gal Oil/Water Separator, 8" PVC pipe and 24x24 precast inlet.

Energy Dissipator Design.jpgRiprap Energy Dissipator.jpg

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