Project Name:Costco Commerce (3788)

Location:Commerce, CA


Contract Value:$1,186,562.00

Project Summary:

Kana Pipeline installed onsite and offsite storm drainage for this new Costco Wholesale store including drainage for their gas station and some storm drain pipeline for their neighbors, McDonalds.

Highlights: This project was unique because Kana Pipeline used concrete with crushed aggregate base (CAB), which was a bi-product of the site's earlier demolition, as part of the backfill on the 4-Pipe 96" CMP drainage basin, thereby recycling the existing resources. Then, Kana used a conveyor belt type process to pour the CAB fill in between the pipelines, and stabilized them in place. In sum, Kana's combined drainage work consisted of approximately 1,500 LF 96-inch Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) Detention Drainage Basin System, removal and installation of new catch basins, local depressions; joining an existing reinforced concrete box (RCB) in the street with 18" Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP); Also, installed an Oil Water Separator, and Oil Stop Valve in the Manhole at the Gas Station, HDPE drainage pipe line for McDonalds, 6" and 8" PVC SDR 35 pipe, drain boxes, cleanouts, a CDS Storm Water Treatment 20-15 Unit, as well as a CDS PSWC 30-20 Unit, approximately 2,500 LF of combined 12", 18" and 24" HDPE pipe, concrete collars, APWA Manholes, and Roof Drain Connections.

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