Project Name:Corona Crossroads (6917)

Location:Corona, CA


Contract Value:$ 900,000’s

Project Summary:

Commercial pipeline construction for a new 2-building, 200K+ SF industrial development.


Onsite Storm Drainage Pipeline includes various BMP areas that include pipe, rock, filter fabric and media mix; Over 800 LF of 6"-18" perforated pipe and fittings, undersidwalk drains;

Storm Drain in Right-of-Way, includes removing and hauling off asphalt with temporary patch back;, 42" and 18" RCP with imported backfill, storm drain manholes, catch basins, local depressions,

Offsite Water Pipeline includes 10" and 12" ductile iron pipeline, gate valves, detector check assemblies, fire hydrants, 2" water services, reduced pressure backflows, testing, chlorinating, dechlorinating and flushing

Onsite Storm Drainage Systems includes over 2,800 LF of 36" rubber gasketed reinforced concrete pipe, and 4"-30" HDPE pipe and fittings, HDPE cleanouts, storm drain manholes, Filterra Catch Basins with local depressions, Precast overflow catch basins in planters,

Offsite 30" Water Pipeline relocation includes traffic control, remove and haul off of existing asphalt with temp patch back, draining and removing existing 30" steel water main, replacing with 30" ductile iron CL 250 restraint joint with imported backfill, bends, 6" blow off fire hydrant assembly and 2" air release assembly

Ductile Iron Pipeline Assembly.jpg

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