Project Name:Chino Street Improvements (6318)

Location:Chino, CA


Contract Value:$ 5,000,000's

Project Summary:

This project is part of the Watson Companies new construction work in Chino, Phase II.


Over 8,600 LFof 12" PVC C-900 CL200 Domestic Water (offsite) Pipeline installation, gate valves, fire hydrant assemblies, 2" water services, air vacs, blow offs, utility crossings, relocations, and cement mortar-lined and coated (CML&C) pipeline bends with restraint couplings at CML&C transition;

Over 6,700 LF of C-900 CL200 Recycled Water (offsite) Purple Pipeline installation, including gate vales, hot taps, caps, cross flanges, bends, blow offs, air vac assemblies, water services, warf head fire hydrants, fire hydrant lateral crossings;

Offsite Sewer Pipeline consisting over 9,500 lf of 8" vitrified clay pipe (VCP) , 48"-diameter manholes, 60" manholes;

Offsite Storm Drainage Systems consisting of over 6,000 LF of 18" to 72" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), reinforced concrete boxes, and manholes, junction structures, catch basins, concrete collars, brick and mortar plugs;

This project will utilize utility locating and potholing;

Onsite Storm Drainage Pipeline work consisting of over 3,500 LF 6" to 48" high density poly ethylene (HDPE) pipeline, RCP pipeline, drainage boxes, storm drain manholes, over 55,00 square feet of flow-through planters with rock, pipe, fabric and soil;

Note: Also there will be trenching for gas line as well as a line relocation.

Street Improvements.jpgUnderground Stormwater Retention Installation.jpg

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