Project Name:Chapman Sewer Replacement (5162)

Location:Fullerton, CA

Type:Public Works

Client:City of Fullerton

Contract Value:$ 1,619,310.00

Project Summary:

Kana Pipeline will be removing and replacing old sewer pipeline mainlines with new sewer main for the City of Fullerton.

Highlights: Along Chapman Avenue, Kana Pipeline will be installing approximately 4,000 LF of 8" VCP Sewer Main installation; 150 LF of 8" Ductile Iron Sewer Main, sewer manholes, sewer lateral reconnections, removing existing VCP sewer main pipeline, removing manholes, and removing sewer cleanouts; installing an Access Ramp, per APWA and access ramp retrofit; installing new sidewalk, curb a gutter and cross gutters, alley returns, aggregate base, asphalt concrete, adjusting sewer manholes and water valves to grade; installing street light conduit; carry out Water Pollution Control, Traffic Control, Clear and Grub, Sheeting, Shoring and Bracing.

Note, This is a 100% import and 100% export material soil project.

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